Hey we just started trying it. It's fun for the family to spend a late morning finding hidden treasures and get something to eat afterwards. We haven't made a cache yet! places we've been:

On: 2004.09.05
Near: dekoven park
39 36.008N
104 57.677W
Couldn't find this one :(
It was restocked the day before but 
we had to give up...

39 36.401N
104 57.753W
Small little film canister

On: 2004.09.11
Near: C-470
39 33.787N
104 55.520W
Hard to find this geocache. You'll have to move 
the rocks to get to it. They're small rocks not 
the big ones underneath the bridge. More to the 
side of the bridge. Use your GPS' WAAS to find 
this one!

39 33.869N
104 54.520W
Nice log book. It's not on the other side of the 
fence. It's on top of the bridge, not underneath 
it. There were some goodies in this cache, and of 
course we left our own :)

Afterwards we stopped by the Highlands Ranch Saturn 
dealership to get a drink of water. I looked at a 
mustang cobra and couldn't see the appeal. Having 
owned a ford once I'll never ever do that again!

Cheap Gas
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